Day 1: Slau Tech Camp

During Day one Hackathon Students Learned how to control the Source code using Github and Trello. Also on of the team member introduced Ruby on rails (Installation of Railsinstaller) by Joan.
“I have the ability to arrange 1’s and 0’s in such an order that an x86 processor can actually interpret and execute those commands. It’s called Computer Programming, but it’s the closest that a man can ever get to giving birth in my opinion. And I somehow feel responsible for the future existence and acceptance of my “child”. I’d spend hours trying to find the tiny bug that causes my child to misbehave or act strangely. But that’s my mild superpower… I make the world a better place by writing mindless back-end programs that no-one will ever see nor even know that it’s there. But I know; and that’s all that matters.Hackathon presentation: Eng.Hassan, Toussaint,Kevin,Joan and Benjamin